Should you hire a Weddingplanner?

23 dicembre 2020

One of the biggest regrets?

not hiring a wedding planner, especially if you are planning your wedding abroad.  I'm not just saying this because I'm one in the sector, I say it from experience. When you style out your check-list of Service Suppliers leave slot no.1. you proceed down the list and begin to navigate the web looking for ideas and reading blogs you will realise how time saving it would be to have the services of a weddingplanner, not to speak about the expertise and advice that you would benefit from. Many couples underestimate exacly what it takes to design, plan, and coordinate a wedding and it is not your fault! You are doing it for the first time, we have done it several times before and know all the pitfalls..Another factor that couples don't take into account is the stress factor that comes with having to choose and still stay within your budget. What should be a magical once upon a lifetime experience can turn into a match of arguments and recriminations that could mar those wonderful memories..We at Wedinverona are your consultants and mediators, at times even your scapegoats !!!. During the planning phase we keep your "rehearsal-diary", a menento which you will treasure and be able to reminisce with even after many years into your married life recalling the excitement and even butterflies in the tummy.....

A couple of good reasons?

Every couple should know that they deserve a weddingplanner and this does not depend on the size of your budget, rather your budget is one of the very reasons you should hire a wedding planner to avoid the stress of having to reorganize the priorities and number of services for your wedding day.  At Wedinverona we pride ourselves of maximising what you get for what you have. So why is a wedding planner so important? A Wedding Planner works with many professionals in the wedding industry and therefore tend to have a wide range of connections with vendors and service suppliers that you are in need of. Weddings are not cheap, and require a lot of trust from individuals you've more than likely never met. You can guarantee that a planner will only use trustworthy vendors that she has used in the past and can trust and rely on. Planners can assist with your organisation which would help stay within your budget while still getting the very best for your pocket.. that is a definite point in favour!

Family and Friends Aren't Professional Planners  and it is not always a good idea to get them involved as you could risk creating a diplomatic incident that could put a sour taste to your whole event.  Remember it is Your Big Day and involving family and friends you could run the risk of ot being able to decide in total and complete autonomy how you want things done and how much to spend and what to spend it on..This heartfelt advice comes from experience. There is a famous sayin that goes "You can't please all of the people all of the time" so why risk it!  Please yourselves! Furthermore this should be a time that your closest friends and family members are able to enjoy this special occasion with you, not working! Right?

We at Wedinverona provide you with Expertise & Knowledge. With us you are investing in an organized, detail oriented, and knowledgable organisation. WE provide you with latest trends and design methods to help you to help us execute your vision. We, together with the two of you coordinate a complete timeline that includes the smallest details that you may never have thought of otherwise but are often easy to overlook. We guide and help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise and are on hand not only during the planning phase but throughout your entire wedding day (we usually call the last cabs for those of your guests who really don't want to leave). Most of the time our couples aren't even aware of an issue that occurs during their wedding because we take care of it!

Look at us as your steam outlet A planner becomes your punchball at times in a variety of different ways. We are your intermediators in certain decisions and to certain people. The two biggest struggles for the couple to be  are saying "No"..........   Nobody likes to be the bad guy. This is where we step in and handle any issues in a professional manner. Your planner inevitably becomes your mediator, therapist, and best friend throughout the planning process. Trust us, you'll need to chanel some of that wedding energy somewhere. What better person that your wedding planner?! The

Ultimately but not last reason for hiring a wedding planner should be that you deserve it...the best gift you give to yourself. Not only does a wedding planner provide an enjoyable and stress free planning process, they provide you with a peace of mind. Remember that your wedding day comes just once in your life! it is about the memories you will have of that day. Should your shrimp and cut on what will be a once in a lifetime experience, you won't be doing it allow yourself the luxury of being the protagonist and guest at your own party!