Want to Propose? Come to Verona

27 gennaio 2020

Wondering how to Propose? Verona is your answer.

St Valentine’s Day is the most famous Day probably in the whole world on which there has been many a bethrotal. Verona is home to the Legend of Romeo and Juliet, one of the most poignant love stories in romantic literature, ' starcrossed lovers who are the very symbol of LOVE .

A walk through the cobbled streets in the heart of the city, for any and everyone in love with love and life is magical. Mak that proposal in breathtaking sorroundings, up on “Torre dei Lamberti“ sipping a flute of divine nectar.

Go on a short funicular ride into the very immediate hillsides for another spectacular view of Verona and live your special moment there.

Live music, themed dinners in the best restaurants of the old town after a magical tour of the city or in the sorrounding areas where you could also delight your culinary senses with an eno-gastronomic tasting in any one of the many wine cellars that populate the countryside.

Verona in Love 2020 is preparing to conquer the hearts of those in love with Love and Life with a wonderful array of events. A weekend to tell your granchildren about.

If you have never seen Verona, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to admire it in all its glory, as the saying goes 'If you love someone... bring them to Verona!'

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