Marry us in Verona....

05 marzo 2020

Looking for some ideas to make that marriage proposal memorable?

Here are some to start you thinking….

In that special Restaraunt?….

If you’ve pictured proposing over a delicious meal and tasty beverages but don’t want the restaurant audience, try reserving a table in a private dining room….her favourite flowers on the table or his favourite perfume…..surprise your loved one by already selecting the menu (show’s that you really know each other and are ready for the big step). A serenade in the middle of your meal helps to build up the sensation of “something’s different” “something’s about to happen!“ order fortune cookies and lo and behold your loved one gets the cookie with the message…..or….have a special dessert menu drawn up with just only … Will you Marry Me….printed on the inside!  

Beach Bums?….

an intimate simple low-key, and romantic setting. All you really need is a blanket and a deserted stretch of sand, the fizzy and pop and some peanuts. Wait for sunset. Round it off by having a surprise picnic dinner on the beach to prolong and savour that unique moment. Italy has many beautiful costal areas to choose from.

In a Gondola?....

Soak up the sunshine and glistening water during the day or enjoy the sparkling lights of the city as you glide through the several canals in Venice while sipping a flute of fizzy and being serenaded by your gondolier….

A countryside picnic…..

If you are looking to do it outdoor, why not choose one of the many parks from the Venetian Villas in Italy...many of these locations are now vineyards and organise enogastromical tastings of Italian cuisine..can it get any better, you arrive in front of this awesome historical Villa which you can first visit and then sit down in one of their wine cellars or in one of the many little salon’s and enjoy a wine and cheese tasting experience immersed in 16th or 17th century sorroundings. When to pop the question? Let your immagination run wild….

In your Nest….

Last but not least, this is the one place that is bound to have that surprise effect since it is the most probable not-place that your loved would expect to be proposed to. Leaves you free to express your emotions in the most genuine manner, decide if to keep it secret for a while so that you are complices….call the whole world immediately to share the joy!!!

Once you have got that YES!!!!...

it is time to start planning…

Wedinverona is on hand to help, advice and realize your dream wedding in Italy, be it a civil ceremony, a church wedding, just simply and symbolic blessing or the reception since you got married at the registrar office but you want to party in Italy with family and friends, taking the opportunity to make it into a family holiday… We can make it come true…contact us at