10 -11 Months?

05 aprile 2020

10-11 Months to go ? 

Choose bridal attire and accessories. You probably have had in mind that Wedding dress ever since you know when...but you really don't know where to find it? Well you have some options there unless of course it is a tradition passed down and you would just love to wear your Mother's wedding gown revamped.  Experience allows us to suggest that you also consider the possibility of hiring your wedding dress for the day, lots of grooms do hire their tux! This option has it's advantages in so far as you would be saving quite a bit which could be spent on other Services and you could still personalize that dress with many accessories! Secondly considering that you would be getting married abroad it would save all the hassle of trying to get that dress to destination intact. Getting married in Italy means that you will certainly be making at least one trip to meet your wedding planner, check out possible locations for your reception, have a couple of menu tastings, visit service suppliers and in this case visit a couple of options for dress-hire. You might right out opt for even buying that dress here, so it saves you transport issues...check out some valid links to start having an idea https://www.atelier-eme.it/ or https://albertiniatelier.it/ just to name a couple.  Wedinverona have many more to take you to visit when you are here!

. Mail your Save the Dates. . Reserve ceremony and reception venues. . Purchase wedding dres.s, veil and undergarments. . Book officiant and check into premarital counseling. . Establish a healthy skin and wellness routine. . Hire photographer, videographer, caterer, . Research honeymoon destinations. DJ/band, florist, and planner. . Finalize guest address list.