Destination Wedding in Verona 2022

08 January 2022

Happy New Year and we Hope your Propostion for 2022 was a Destination Wedding in Verona!


Destination Weddings are still definitely on the cards and more so right now! With the start of 2022one of your New Year's propositions were do not give up on that dream wedding!


One of the plus factors of 2022 are that most locations and suppliers are now aware of the radical change that Covid has brought about in our perception of how fragile and transitory situations can be! This has in some way turned around many consolidated situations, and may we say for the better. For one bookings of Locations have a much more flexible cancellation policy. Suppliers have pulled themselves out of the daily rut of business they had fallen into having to re-invent corporate policy truly customizing it around You! These are just a few of the reasons that make a Destination Wedding even more appealing....


Destination Weddings do not necessarily have to have the 4 E's (and now you are wondering what they could possibly be) Extravagant Exorbitant Excessively Expensive....this somehow used to be the myth! 


At WedinVerona we prefer actions to words and since we believe that every couple are unique we let you tell us what you would like us to do for you! You can find us on the following!