Love in the time of Coronavirus!

19 April 2020

Handling your wedding during Covid-19?


Your plans went astray! To quote Burns The best laid plans of Mice and Men…Whether you had planned on having your wedding in the next few months, next year and have had to postpone it due to COVID-19, it is all still on your mind and perhaps even more stressful that just a normal wedding-planning schedule would be. Aren’t you glad you decided to go with a wedding planner in loco! we live and breathe weddings, so we’re here to share and re-organize your special day so that it turns out just as you had dreamed it would be…just a little later. It’s totally normal to feel disheartened but not defeated, you are in that wedding-Arc with many other of our clients. Let’s have fun re-planning and reading all the latest updates from the service-providers you chose. Some of them are sooo funny….



Postponing that wedding?


Any wedding planned together with us, has been postponed to 2021 and quite luckily almost for the same dates as 2020, give or take a day. We’ve got a whole weddingblog that you can make use of as a help line to comunicate with your guests. So one of the tasks to face is informing your guests, make it personal and send out that missive with "Change the date

But if you do really want to get married on the scheduled day, we can still help you with arrangements and it could be just as meaningful only a more low-key, self-quarantined wedding with just you and your partner, witnesses and US!


Planning that wedding?



This is the first step of your wedding planning and the beauty of it is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home! All that time on your hands..make it fly surfing the web together with your partner to find inspiration or suggestions that might maybe make you want to change a couple of things from the orignal scheme.

A great starting point is our wedding website page Stories“, Pinterest or Istagram So Why not create a vision board, so you can really get a sense of direction for your wedding!


Start creating those E-Vites!


Essentially, there’s no better occasion that resorting to e-vites than now. All you need is your laptop and you can start browsing through hundreds of wedding invite templates and start designing your own. The options are endless and once your date is locked in you can invite all your guests with the simplicity of a click. If you need more help with e-vites give us a shout and we will put you on the right track.


Pick those special effects!


Every couple want their wedding to be memorable both for themselves and their guests, they want that wow! factor to be able to see the delight and surprise on the faces of your nearest and dearest. Talk it over together, what would you think expresses the two of you best?

Some of the varied requests we have had over the years have been; a horsedrawn carriage to arrive at your ceremony; releasing of balloons, butterflies, as you walk out after the ceremony as man-and-wife; a coctail on the road right in front of the church or civil venue so that you can toast straight away; fireworks during the cutting oft he cake…..we could go on… Be assured that we can realize almost any special desire (within human limits) that you secretly dream off!



Start getting together that list of Service Suppliers!


Let your immagination run wild and start drawing up that list of services that you would ideally love to have on your wedding day… Don’t start by putting your budget forehand. Go the other way round, put your desires first, if you don’t dream on this day when will you? Let Wedinverona take care of trying to make your desires fit in with your budget, We don’t work miracles but we get pretty close!

Our expertise both in the wedding sector together with the symbiotic relations we have with our many suppliers do go along way in helping you reach your objective. Once you have drawn up that list, let’s go through it together and prioritise what you really don’t want to do without and then we will take it from there..


Pick your Menu...


This is something that both you and your partner can delight in now having the time to browse through endless websites that give you the cultural background of the various dishes peculiar to mediterranean cuisine..You could even mix-and-match from a variety of menu’s to really create that personal one that say’s everything about the two of you. You might want to browse or just to start off with. We are obviously on hand then to guide you in your choice.



Visit your Service Suppliers on a Virtual Tour..


Okay, so visiting your suppliers your partner may no longer be on the cards for a while, but that’s no reason to stop planning your wedding! Lucky for you, we’re in the 21st century and almost everything is possible now through technology. Many of our suppliers already have 360-degree virtual tour video up on their website, but what if there’s one you particularly fell in love with but can’t find a 360-degree video for? No problem! We can set up a virtual meeting and organise a virtual tour via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime whichever suits you best.. Many suppliers will be more than accommodating and it also gives you the chance to make a list beforehand and be ready with all and any questions that you might have, should you forget some, we are always on hand to follow up and fill in the gaps!


Start on those Nuptial Promises..


This time together will probably help you focus better on one of the things that is a very special memorable and poignant moment of the whole day.. Your Nuptial Promises, be it formal wording or a simple declaration of love in a letter,  put down what your story is...Wedinverona will see to the timeline of your planning and troubleshoot all and any eventual mishaps right up to the you spend some of that time writing to each and for each other...We promise you it will be something that you will go back to on Anniversaries and other occasions!