Wedding Checklist!

18 March 2020

10 -12 months to go?

Choose your Weddinglocation, Verona of course, where else? in this way you can comunicate this when you make the announcement of your engagement..

Have fun planning how to announce your engagement but at the same time announce your choice of bridesmaids and witnesses! so everyone in involved right from the start...

Choose a date  for that BigDay! but with a flexibility of that ranges between a  two month period especially when planning your wedding abroad.


Talk budget and decide who’s contributing to what, should that be the way you want to do it.


Create wedding and style boards on for your weddingdress weddingtheme bouquet giftlist favours weddingcake and other details, in this way your weddingplanner can engage with you right from the start.

Wedinverona will let you have a blog section to update your wedding day by day so that you can watch it growing.

Start getting that guest list together, remember always to involve parent's on either side so that you do not unwittingly forget a however far-fetched realtive (wouldn't be worth spoiling the magic memories for so little).

Start exploring possible ceremony and reception venue options together with your weddingplanner. We at #Wedinverona always provide you with several options based on your initial idea and budget.


With the help of your #weddingplanner start putting down a list of services that you would need for that day. Wedinverona can help analyze and streamline that list to your personal requirements and also provide you with more that one option for the same service so that you have the best possiblity of getting the provider that best suits you.


What Next?? Follow our blog and plan with us!