Choosing the right Weddingplanner for You!

30 March 2020

Wedding Planner Yes! or Wedding Planner No! 

This is the first question to answer when broaching the subject, BUT before you decide you will of course be tempted to surf the web just to see what is on offer!  And here you enter a world of the most fantastic illusions where most anything is possible! After more than 10years in the weddingplanning sectorWedinverona would like to give you some tips on what to evaluate when browsing a wedding website.

1. Awards, certifications and Rossettes confirming excellence in the field.

2. Contact forms that immediately ask for your budget.

3. Stipulate that Contract.

4. A Jack of all trades but a King of None...


Awards, certifications and Rossettes confirming excellence in the field.

Speaking of Italy, you should be aware that there is no so-called Official Register for Weddingplanners and there are no final exams to sustain.  Therefore the many accreditments that you seem to note on a website are the fruit of paid advertisements and insertions in the many wedding blogs or magazines that have grown up around the sector. You pay and they say!.. these are costs borne by the company that inevitably are divided upon future clients. At Wedinverona we believe that our best pubblicity is word of mouth or simply our website which clearly delinates our services inviting you to contact us to start talking. We believe that every Union, Symbolic, Religious, Civil, Samesex are unique to each couple and cannot be defined or described in a contact form or on a website....

Contact forms that ask you immediately for your budget!

First we get to know you. Then together you try to realize your special and unique wedding exactly as you had envisaged it would be. You should be able to express yourself freely be it concerning your budget, your tastes, your themes, your desires and feel like you were speaking to your best friend! It is only after these consultations that you should feel free to choose if Your Wedding Planner.  A Wedding Planner does not and cannot decide for you, but, can as a professional expert in the sector, advise you best on how to prioritise and manage your budget effectively and efficiently

Stipulate a Contract!

To proceed always request a that you sign a contract which is an assurance both  for you and your Wedding Planner. We are talking about one of the most important Days in your life! Professionality is a must and you can gather that also from this factor.

A Jack of all trades but a King of None...

Some websites have innumerous number of pages and services that offer you not just the Planning of your Wedding, Anniversary, Bespoke Event, Private Party but also tours, trips, guided visits, transport and much more. Do be aware that to organise these extra services one should have the license of a Tour operator, which means that often these services are bought from a Tour operator who has his comission and so you end up usually getting a rate that could be inflated! At Wedinverona we pride ourselves on the organisation of Weddings and Events, which means we organise all the services relating to this particular sector and we can also help you organise pick-up and drop-offs, accomodation and transport which is all part of the package. For the rest we are on hand and recommend you to the best in the field for a quotation while we personally oversee the logistics.


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Start dreaming and together we can start Planning!