Would you pay your Accountant!!

17 September 2020

Would you dream of doing your Tax Declaration by yourself?

Unless you were an Accountant..you probably wouldn't want to run that risk!


Would you dream of Planning your Wedding on your own?

You probably would, after all what does it take to search up a couple of Service Providers on the internet, mail them and agree upon costs.. confirm all your services! Et Voila! it's done, OR SO YOU THINK...


A Weddingplanner is not an improvised profession!


Putting your Wedding in the hands of a Professional Wedding Planner, let's you enjoy every minute of the anticipation leading up to your Big Day! She is your best friend that you can call, text and message every time you have a query or worry, and along with the solution she brings back the smile to your face....

Getting married in Italy means that you will certainly be making at least one trip to meet your wedding planner, check out possible locations for your reception, have a couple of menu tastings, visit service suppliers and in this case visit a couple of options even for dress and tux hire. You might right out opt for even buying that dress here, so it saves you transport issues----

Visit https://www.pinterest.it/Wedinverona/ and browse through our various albums that might inspire you more and differently....



Some Additional Services that you surely will want...

Organisation of your Stag/Hen night..we have the most un-conventional and varied solutions!

A day trip to Venice and a ride in a gondola through hidden Venice...a snatched romantic moment just for the two of you in the days between the signing of your documents and your actual Wedding Day!

Music ....

A live band with any type of music you prefer, blues, Jazz, rock and roll, easy listening. DJ / Gospel choir / Soprano.

Photographer / Videographer / Photobooth

Transport to the ceremony and Reception in a Vintage car, Horse and carriage, a Vespa, a tandem… you ask and we will find it for you.


Caricature Artist who could just be the greatest idea for you “Favours” for your guests.

Toast Master to help the evening flow.

“Cocktail on the road”

An Ice cream Cart which will have both young and old enthusiastic

Animation for the younger guests.


For your Guests! (while you are busy with last minute updates and documents)

A Boat trip on lake Garda at sunset the evening before with your guests (numbers of passengers are limited).

Cultural Tours of the City..

Enogastronomic Tours of wine, cheese and salami tasting that are a sensorial sublime experience..


Let us take you through the loops and you won't even notice