10 -11 Months?

05 April 2020

10-11 Months to go? 

Choose bridal attire and accessories. You probably have had in mind that Wedding dress ever since you know when...but you really don't know where to find it? Well you have some options there unless of course it is a tradition passed down and you would just love to wear your Mother's wedding gown revamped.  Experience allows us to suggest that you also consider the possibility of hiring your wedding dress for the day, lots of grooms do hire their tux! This option has it's advantages in so far as you would be saving quite a bit which could be spent on other Services and you could still personalize that dress with many accessories! Secondly considering that you would be getting married abroad it would save all the hassle of trying to get that dress to destination intact. Getting married in Italy means that you will certainly be making at least one trip to meet your wedding planner, check out possible locations for your reception, have a couple of menu tastings, visit service suppliers and in this case visit a couple of options for dress-hire. You might right out opt for even buying that dress here, so it saves you transport issues...check out some valid links to start having an idea https://www.atelier-eme.it/ or  jhttps://albertiniatelier.it/ just to name a couple.  Wedinverona have many more to take you to visit when you are here! Visit https://www.pinterest.it/Wedinverona/

Wedding gifts...wishlist?

Now this is not the easiest one to tackle ..

If you already are living together then you may already have everything you need to start your life together. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use some extra funds for that honeymoon you’ve been dreaming of. But the question of how to ask for cash wedding gifts can be a tough one. It is not taboo but there are some things to keep in mind if you want to exercise this option. While etiquette has mellowed over the years when it comes to asking for cash gifts there are some rules to follow....

Use an online cash registry...

So how exactly do you go about asking for money as a wedding gift? Luckily, there are Sites that allow you to create a registry for just about anything you can imagine, from honeymoons https://www.brides.com/story/top-honeymoon-registries to home improvement projectshttps://www.myregistry.com/homedepot-registry.aspx . You can even choose to donate to your favorite charity! If you decide to register at a site like this, you can alert your guests in the same way you would a traditional registry and that would be on your wedding website Wedinverona offer their to be spouses their own personal blog that they can update with wedding registries for wishlists, simple wedding updates of how it is all going or just simply where they can write their own story..

Try word of mouth.

Maybe you’d like to keep things a bit more casual than actually registering for cash. No worries, there’s still a way to spread the word without coming right out and saying it. Simply have your close family members and your wedding party politely spread the word if anyone should ask them what you’re hoping to receive as a wedding gift. This way, you can still get what you really want while still holding fast to traditional etiquette rules.

It is very important to indicate how that gift will be spent.

While most wedding guests today are totally fine with gifting cash, it’s always nice to know how it’s being spent! If you’ll be putting the funds toward your dream honeymoon, include an image of the location on your wedding website. Or maybe you’ve just found that perfect nest so let your guests know their monetary gift will literally be putting a roof over your head. This will make everyone feel like family and more important will make them feel important!

Don’t ask for cash on your invitation.

This  is a faux pas that is definitely still considered very tacky and low market.  It's’s okay to include registry information on your wedding website but nnever include it on the actual invitation.

Don’t make cash the only option.

As there will always be that Aunt or Uncle who prefer to give you a "useful present" you may not want it but it is an option you have to keep open. Therefore it is always a good idea to create a wish list registry in a local store so that you can accomodate to the desires of these guests too..So even though it feels like you’ve got everything you need, there will always be something frivolous that you might like so go ahead and create a small registry alongside your cash registry or request...

Start Mailing those "Save the date"....

well in advance so that friends and family can organize around this special date..Getting married in Italy gives you the option to even turn it all into one big family get-away weekend. Many of our spouses opt for this idea in so far as both the couple and their nearest family members and dearest friends arrive three days ahead of the actual date (Italian law requires the bridal couple to sign their documents three days prior to the civil wedding date). This allows the for the couple to confirm and see to the finishing touches of their wedding and reception,  and later spend time with their loved ones.  Wedinverona usually organize that your guests are occupied while the two of you are and then we have a range of proposals to put to you for enjoyment afterwards.  In this way your wedding is not just that day of the ceremony and reception but it is fully participated and enjoyed by all in a very engaging manner.


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