Autumn Weddings

30 August 2019


Conveniently located just fifteen minutes from the center of Verona and thirty minutes from Garda Lake , the monumental complex of Villa Mosconi Bertani stands in the heart of the Valpolicella , in an wine zonebasin sorrounded by lush foliage and beautiful vineyards.

Surrounded by ancient walls that define the extension of the property, the park covers a territory of about twenty-two hectares, eight of which are currently dedicated to the garden, a majestic and breathtaking oasis of tranquility. The remaining area are vineyards. Inside this area we find a pond whose font is within the property and on whose bank you find the famous coffeehouse a meeting point for many famous artists such as Ippolito Pindemonte, Scipione Maffei, Ugo Foscolo. .

The park, extremely scenographic is present in the list of the Great Italian Gardens.

The estate is home to the Bertani family from the 1957. In this winery, the family of Gaetano Bertani continues the family tradition of producing excellent wines, such as Amarone, Valpolicella Ripasso and Soave.

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