FAQ for Weddings, Same-sex, Blessings, Anniversaries

How much will my wedding cost me?

How much your wedding will cost, depends entirely on you. We are here to see to it that you get the best value, least hassle, and to help you sail through this special day. Just fill in our form with your initial requirements that will help us to put together an individual program just for you and by doing so we could give you an idea of costs. The form is to be found under “CONTACT US”.

Where can I have my wedding?

pictoresque churches in the City of Verona or even the “Duomo” which is the Cathedral. For a civilian wedding you are spoilt for choice. You can choose to be wed in the “Tapestry Room” or the “Guarienti Hall” Which is where Juliet’s family Vault is. Why not consider getting married in the very house where the melodramatic opera of Romeo and Juliet took place, you can even cast your bouquet from the “balcony”. Otherwise there are several magnificent historical Villas on the outskirts of the city with their enormous secular parks that are the perfect setting for a perfect day.

What documents do I need for my marriage?

This depends on your present civil status, your country of origin and your religion. You will receive an international wedding certificate that is valid and that has to be registered with the relevant authorities in your home country. We will take care of presenting, (and if necessary translating your documents) to the authorities here in Italy.

How long ahead do I need to be in Italy before my actual wedding day?

Here again it depends on whether you want to visit the beautiful town of Verona and it’s sorroundings and get acclimatised before the big day. We suggest that you are here at least three days before the wedding to be able to check your locations, for eventual fittings of the bridal dress, grooming appointments, and other trivialities.

What can I ride in?

From a Volkswagen beetle, to a limousine. Why not a Horse and Carriage? Or even just the Horse without the carriage. Or would you rather drive away in a Ferrari – just for a day! You name it and we will find it.

Can I hire my wedding outfits?

Both the Bride and Groom can hire their outfits for the day. But should you want something alternative we can see to the rental of costumes.

Where can I have my wedding dinner?

You can choose to have it at walking distance from the location of your wedding in a characteristic “trattoria” or in an exclusive restaraunt. Should you desire to be out in the countryside, seated among vineyards or simply have a “dancing picnic” we can organise that too.
We of course take care of the Menu, place cards and everything else that goes with the organisation of a banquet.

We can organise floral decor both for church and civil weddings as well as interior decor for your reception. It goes without saying that we provide you with a wide choice with regard to you Bridal Bouquet and Buttonhole.

We collaborate with many professional Photographers and Video-graphers and will be only to happy to advise you as to their services and costs.